Friday, 13 December 2013

Compare and contrast!

Yesterday I looked at my beautiful Christmas tree and thought about drawing one of the decorations. I looked at them all, settled on one, then had to sit on the floor with my back in the draught from the door so I could see it at the angle I wanted! This is the one I settled on
I sat down this evening and wondered what I might draw today. Out of interest I thought I'd have a look in the 2008 book to see what inspired me 5 years ago.
This little picture caught my eye...
I couldn't believe it! I had no conscious recollection that I had drawn that one before. 

One of my friends had a look through the drawing a day books recently and she noticed I'd drawn a few things in both 2008 and 2013, so tonight, after the above discovery I decided to investigate further!

There are the bananas!...

The favourite mug (struggled with the type both times!) Bizarrely only a week or so apart (+5years!).

And also this keyring! I will keep an eye out for more!