Monday, 20 January 2014


Apologies for the delay in updates, but fear not... the 'Drawing a Day' continues into 2014! I decided to carry on as I really enjoyed my daily drawings last year.

I have a lovely new sketchbook. It is one that I bought last summer at Art in Action, and have been saving since.
It is slightly smaller than last years book, which I hope may mean it can fit into a (large) pocket and venture out even more than the last one.
It also has much thicker paper, which I only realised on the 1st January, when I finally allowed myself to unwrap it from its cellophane. This discovery has enabled me to use watercolour and ink in a different way to the last book - it dries much faster (absorbs better) and doesn't seep through to the previous / next page in a distressing manner.

I have been experimenting with some black ink in a water brush, for quick application of shading or... general greyness!
The little black dog seemed a good place to trial it!

- this was particularly exciting as I found the £20 in a handbag that I had just decided to give to the Charity Shop. I thought I'd better just check the pockets before saying goodbye to it, and just as well I did - 2 IKEA pencils (!) and a £20 note. There was also a receipt in there, that was dated 2008, so I have a feeling these had been lurking there since then too!