Tuesday, 21 January 2014


In a moment of last-minute-rashness I decided to go to London last weekend. I had a lovely day with my sister on Saturday, walking for miles along the river as we always do.

We paused opposite Big Ben so I could draw a London Lamppost before it got too dark to see the detail.

On Sunday we had a very exciting bus ride through the big city (both the bus and the city are exciting for this country mouse!).
Timberyard cafe

After a brief bit of admiration of the Lions, the Blue Cockerel and Nelson, in Trafalgar Square, we scampered up to Covent Garden.

At the Timberyard cafe I joined the Urban Sketchers London Sketchcrawl. It was lovely to be in the city and drawing with fellow sketchers.

I often chicken out of a) drawing in public and b) drawing people, and so today was great as it got me doing both of these.
Neal's Yard (outside until I got too chilly! then in the cafe)
I'm overly strict on my drawing a day rules - once I close the book, that drawing is finished, no colouring in later or tweaking the picture. However, pictures like the one above make me think about changing this - I wish I'd stayed cold for a bit longer and coloured the buildings in (picture on the left), but as it was I went inside, ordered a hot chocolate ... and closed the book (briefly!) so it will have to stay as it is.

I left the fellow Sketchcrawl-ers while they were still in the warm at Neal's Yard, as I had to head back to meet my sister and then walk towards Marylebone for my train home (we like to walk!). We met back at Trafalgar Square and stayed for three songs by these guys. I was still in sketch mode so did these really quickly (Beatles songs are short!). I hadn't thought enough about the spacing and so poor 'Ringo' is crammed in the corner and the drum hardly gets a look in!