Wednesday, 12 February 2014

A day of screen printing...

On Sunday I spent a happy day on a beginners screen printing course at Unit Twelve run by Iain Perry. 

I have wanted to get over to Unit Twelve for some time, their exhibitions always look lovely and the studio artists' spaces look like such fun.  It reminds me of my art foundation year - individual workspaces in a shared environment, with beautifulness on every wall (... but on a bigger, more grown up and successful scale!).

So, I took some images, mainly from my drawing a day books for print ideas. As I understood more about the process though I realised some of the images wouldn't work as a screen print, and so settled on this familiar friend:

A lino bunny that I did last term on my evening printing class. I drew a plan from this image... I don't think the background box shows up very well on the scan below, but it is there, with one ear just sticking out of the top of it. Originally I thought the bunny would be brown and the sky blue, but this wasn't sitting very well with me. 
So I changed the colours to a grey bunny against a purple, wintery sky and then the printing process could begin. This is the order that it was printed... 
1) the purple background
2) the grey bunny
3) the detail

These were the test pieces for each of the layers. 
We each did 5 prints - my grey bunny ended up in a slightly different place on the purple background on all 5! I did a couple of just they grey bunny to see what that would look like too. 
Here are the final bunnies - I confess I have added a pupil on them now, the detail was just a bit too tricky and I was concerned that the bunny could easily look very drunk/ angry /cross with a printed pupil in the wrong place! Not entirely sure I've got them in the right place / right size now, but at least the poor bunny can now see! My scanner isn't quite big enough to capture the whole image - I decided to make the whiskers and fur venture outside of the background and below the grey of the bunny.

It was lovely to see all the different prints that appeared. Unit Twelve have put them on their Facebook site for all to see!