Tuesday, 25 February 2014

New item in the pencil case!

A new favourite in the pencil case is my water brush. I've had this for a while - handy to carry around rather than a separate water bottle and container and paintbrush, but recently I've added some black ink to the water. This means I now have grey ink on hand whenever I want it! It makes it very quick to block in some colour or shading and I have been using it nearly every day.

This was the first experiment with it...

A Friday night in, watching an Italian cooking programme on the telly (or listening to it and occasionally glancing from page to screen).

In pride of place my beautiful Alice Palace print. I love it. The text says 'love, simplicity and calm' and it makes me very happy. Have a look at the Alice Palace website - I've read the blog for the last 5 years and its a real favourite.