Saturday, 29 March 2014

Drawing whenever and wherever

The idea of the Drawing a Day was to make me better at drawing and to be better at spontaneously drawing - getting the sketchbook out when I saw something I thought I'd like to draw. I still need to make myself do this and many, many things I think about drawing and for one reason or another (normally too self conscious) I don't draw get the book out. Sometimes, the book comes out of the bag, and even the pen... sometimes the lid even gets off the pen before I chicken out and it all goes away again! This day however, I just got on with it and drew the coaster while my friend and I had a drink and a catch up one evening!

(I didn't actually have a Stella, that was just the mat that was there!)

(Turned out not to be the most sociable move of mine as I was looking at the beer mat and my sketchbook for way too much of the conversation!)