Wednesday, 26 March 2014


I have been having a look at a couple of my favourite illustrators recently. The first is Emily Gravett. She has a lovely website and I have quite a lot of her books now as I love them. I really like her drawing style and recently invested in this book of hers;

The Little Mouse is fabulous - although very scared throughout. I tried to draw him, copied directly from the book. I find trying to copy someone else's style fascinating and way trickier than I think it is going to be. I try and work out which order they drew which part of the picture - where they started and how they worked. I think Emily Gravett is left handed, and I am right and so I expect we tackled this mouse in different ways. I realise I always start my pictures in the top left and work across and down - probably so I don't smudge the work as I go. I only realised when I had a go at drawing on a tablet and it recorded the drawing as I did it - then I could watch the replay which was really fun.

Here is my version of the Little Mouse. He is a bit taller and skinnier than Emily's. I love the pencil he clutches - it gets smaller as the book goes on as he nervously nibbles it more and more!