Friday, 7 March 2014

Potato prints, pigeon and pizza

Last Sunday I had another go at some potato printing. Inspired by a search on Pinterest before starting on the spuds, these two were made. I really like the little bunnies - Easter Cards might be on the horizon! The leaf flower I'm planning on experimenting with as a repeating pattern, think it might work quite nicely.

 For my drawing a day I was keen to draw a Pigeon that kept proudly pecking outside. However, as soon as I got my sketchbook and pen he vanished - not to return! I'll have to wait for another day to draw one!

I ended up drawing my supper - pizza! Quite a good way of avoiding burning my mouth on the hot little tomatoes - drawing it before I'm able to eat! Well - I did the outline then the smell was too much so I had to eat some. These were left for my packed lunch on Monday - delish!