Saturday, 10 January 2015

I did it!

Happy New Year!

Well, I'm thrilled to be able to say that last year, 2014 I did a Drawing A Day, every single day! There are four books in total, each a different size and shape (which added to the fun I think). Some entries were very poor indeed - short of time and inspiration but many others I'm really pleased with.

My favourite thing about the books is that I can (for the vast majority) remember where I was, who I was with (if anyone), the time of day and sometimes even what I was listening to, what the weather was like or what it smelt like where I was sketching. Occasionally there is a feeling with a picture too - excitement or happiness for example. The picture sometimes represents the occasion for me, particularly if someone has shared some special news. Other times it might work the other way, and the wave of worry that I felt when I was drawing something sweeps back over me... but then I just have to turn to a happy page and smile again. It's just a different type of diary.

Here is a quick flick through book 3.