Monday, 21 September 2015

Drawing at the Good Life Experience

I'm slowly getting braver at drawing in public. This weekend was the perfect type of set up for this, relaxed crowds, places to sit and sketch, out of the way or sitting in a talk, in lovely company at The Good Life Experience :: TheGoodlifeExperience people sketches

The picture on the left was done quickly of another member of the large crowd that were listening to Ben Fogle talk. On the right I had to draw Charlie Gladstone (one of the founders of the Good Life Experience) super quickly as he introduced Tristan Gooley and his talk on Natural Navigation as he was only there for a matter of seconds. I rushed to paint Tristan and so the ink ran a bit but learnt my lesson and managed to let the ink dry before painting next time... :: TheGoodlifeExperience Jennie Maizels
It then seemed only right that I should try and draw Jennie Maizels as she did her talk about sketching and her sketchbook club.

Such a fun weekend.