Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Spring is Springing

I love this time of year as everything slowly turns green and comes into leaf. 

For my Drawing A Day this week I've been looking at different tree species - drawing their buds as a sketchbook study. I'm a bit of a tree geek and love how you can play detective and work out which trees are which. At this time of year the buds are one of the ways to identify the species (as well as the bark, remaining seeds and silhouette). I'm hoping to draw a few more this week and build up my collection. 

I also really like being able to tell what time of year it is in my Drawing a Day book when I flick through - maybe one year I'll manage to do a whole year as a nature journal...

Here is the process...

Alice Draws The Line :: Sketching Sycamore

Alice Draws The Line :: Sycamore and Beech

Alice Draws The Line :: Drawing Elder

Alice Draws The Line :: Sycamore, Beech and Elder

Alice Draws The Line :: Sketchbook studies

These studies are the starting point for another project I'm working on... but that's for another day!