Saturday, 12 March 2016

First Ever Sale

Day 12 of #MarchMeetTheMaker is #FirstEverSale

Although not my first sale as Alice Draws The Line, this was the first sale of my work. Sadly I only have a rather grainy image of it - a photo I've taken from a booklet that had a photo of it featured in - so excuse the quality. I drew it as part of my Art A'level but can't quite remember what the brief was. I later had it framed and entered it into an exhibition and sale and it sold - I was thrilled... but do wish I had taken another photo of it before it went.

I remember really enjoying doing the picture, in pen and ink... about 15 years ago. A friend mentioned this picture recently and said it was the style she always associated with me - and one that returned to feature on my 2015 Christmas Cards... Twist and Sprout (see here) and We Three Cones (see here). 

This was called 'Marching Vegetables' - a landscape piece featuring directly observed vegetables, given personalities and limbs. The runner bean was always my favourite - late and having to run to catch up with the procession. I'm quite tempted to revisit this.

I'm working on a bigger piece again at the moment which I'm enjoying. .. more about that soon! 

Alice Draws The Line : Marching Vegetables