Sunday, 20 March 2016


Day 20 | #MarchMeetTheMaker is #Sketchbook (See also Day 5- my 'can't live without'!).
I do a drawing a day ...everyday. Mostly these are directly observed.
Here are some of the archives. As today is also the first day of spring I've opened a couple of books to pages featuring daffodils or sheep / lambs.
Drawing everyday means I am 'Sketching The Seasons', something I plan to focus even more heavily on in the future. These are in effect diaries- I sketch where I go, or what I see, and always have a sketchbook with me.
People seen here are people walking down my road, a band at a bluegrass festival and a quick sketch from Good Life Experience last year. Eagle eyed will also spot the food and drink...
This is my comfort zone (rather than technology), moving these to the product and the shop is my next focus.