Friday, 4 March 2016


Day 4 of #MarchMeetTheMaker... today it's tools...

Alice Draws The Line :: Tools

These are my current favourites (although this changes!). I love the colours in this mix. 

A closer look...

Alice Draws The Line :: numbered Tools

1 - 0.38 Pen from Muji (lovely thin, even line)
2 - Water brush - this comes everywhere with me in my pencil case
3 - Paintbrushes, a lovely thin one and a slightly thicker one
4 - Small watercolours - these fit in a handbag easily. I've topped these up with tubes of watercolour. there is a pink where a paintbrush should sit, and black and purple share a square too.
5 - Black India Ink. Waterproof. (Dr Ph. Martin's)
6 - Water pot - this was in a seconds box in a pottery I visited on holiday once. Sadly the label has washed off it and I can't quite remember where I got it. I often take this with me if I'm going away. 
7 - My Grandmother's watercolours. These mainly stay at home, partly because they are quite big, but mainly because they are special to me. I'm not a fan of cleaning this, I like to think there may be a colour that she mixed still on the palette somewhere.
8 - Two dip pens - the wooden one and the green nib holder. 
9 - A mechanical bic pencil - nice and soft to draw with but nice and dark when I want it to be