Thursday, 3 March 2016


Day 3 of #MarchMeetTheMaker and the topic today is Workspace.

I have 2 workspaces that I have been using recently... 

          - A little desk in the sitting room. Which is where I'm typing this. It's one I've had since I was small. Just deep enough for the laptop to sit on, and with 4 draws to keep the essentials by my side. The desk is against the wall which gives me a handy place to prop things up and see how they look, or for cards to dry when I'm working on another. I often work here in the evening, under a lovely bright light so I can see what I'm drawing.

Alice Draws The Line :: Workspace desk

          - The coffee table / sofa combo. This is guaranteed to be terrible for my back. But it's often in the sunshine, is mobile - so if I have my huge sketchbook out I can push the table out into the room so the book doesn't lean against anything else. It's a lovely wooden table that's also good for photography. Incidentally it is also in line with the television if I happen to put a well loved film on - usually more to listen to than watch as I'm normally looking at the page. 

Alice Draws The Line :: Workspace coffee table

However, depending on what I'm doing I could also have everything out on the floor, or on the kitchen table... and I'm really looking forward to it being warm and dry enough to sit out for long enough to draw (a quick sketch is possible at any time of the year!).