Wednesday, 13 April 2016

No longer waiting in the wings!

When I started this challenge (at the start of the month) I hadn't decided to publish it here. A week later I thought it would be a good plan (and motivates me to keep it up!). So I have some catching up to do in terms of sharing the pictures of the first week.

The idea came to me when I was on holiday on the Isle of Mull. We saw some fab birds there - a couple of my long time favourites - the Oyster Catcher with his splendid orangey legs and bill, and the Grey Heron - I love how gangly they are and how they move - those long legs stalking through the water, or their huge wings when they fly - and awkward neck they have to fold in! We also saw eagles which were very exciting - I still need to do a bit of research on these to find out what type they were.

First up was the Oyster Catcher. This was a sketch done on the 31st March, which gave me the idea for the challenge. I drew him again as a card - you can see me drawing it in this video.

Next up is the Hooded Crow - there were lots of these on Mull too...

Next up is the Greylag Goose - there were lots and lots of these on Mull too

Greylag Goose ::

The Heron was the last bird drawn from our holiday on Mull... or Mulliday as I like to refer to it.
The woodpecker was spotted on my cousin's bird feeder - the other side of Scotland, near Stonehaven. We were looking in a lovely bird guide that my cousin has that used to belong to our Grandmother's best friend - she had made a note of when and where she had seen each species on the list at the front of the book. For that reason I'm making a note of where I've seen each of these too.

Grey Heron and Great Spotted Woodpecker ::

The Lapwing was seen in a field and flying up from it on our drive back from Scotland. 

The Magpie was from the car the next day...

Magpie ::

Next up is a blue tit - seen in my garden, hopping about on top of the hedge.

Blue Tit ::

Next up was the Sparrow that is already online!

This swan was seen at Attingham Park, on a walk on Saturday.

Swan ::

And that fills in the gaps so far!

Alice's April Aviary ... so far-
1. Oyster Catcher
2. Hooded Crow
3. Grey Heron
4. Great Spotted Woodpecker
5. Lapwing
6. Magpie
7. Sparrow
8. Blue Tit
9. Mute Swan
10. Mallard
11. Blackbird
12. Green Woodpecker

...right, I'd better get away from the computer and see what I can see today!