Sunday, 1 May 2016

A surprise finale!

Last one for #AlicesAprilAviary ... a #Dipper ! 

I had only ever seen one once before and so definitely wasn't expecting to see one yesterday to finish off this challenge. I confess I had been spending much longer than usual walking the banks of the #RiverSevern  hoping to catch sight of a Kingfisher or Cormorant, both of which I've seen several sightings of before... but neither in April. I decided to just check another river yesterday and was treated to this sighting instead (the much smaller and faster flowing #RiverClun).

Think my May challenge might just carry on being my usual drawing a day, have to see it to draw it... contemplating exclusively nature drawings... but I do love a quick person sketch. I have the rest of the day to consolidate the plan! ...Ideas welcomed- I've had a wonderfully crazy selection from family so far!

(Almost got book when taking the photo,  luckily just the bookmark ribbon went in )