Thursday, 5 May 2016

D is for...

Well, I wrote a list of possible D's to draw and went for the Dingy Skipper as I realised I hadn't drawn a butterfly before! (actually, I think I did - in France in August 2008 as my drawing a day on a holiday! - it landed on the edge of a swimming pool...)
Anyway here is is...

Dingy Skipper ::

Then I had a bit of a play with a technique I've been marvelling at over on Instagram - some really beautiful work by Kathy Hutton - do have a look at her lovely website or her equally lovely Instagram feed.

This evening, in the sun after work I had a go at her style of monoprinting - and have two more D's as a result! 
This is endlessly fun and something I could see me enjoying again in the near future! 

I'm not sure an attempt at hand lettering was really necessary at this stage, especially as it has to be done in mirror writing... but I couldn't resist! Thankfully a school friend and I have mastered the art of mirror writing over the years of hilarious letters - this is taking it to another level altogether though.

Dormouse Monoprint ::