Monday, 9 May 2016

H is for...

Honeysuckle ::

Honeysuckle! The drawing in the foreground is one one for the #WoodlandAlphabet project. The one in the background is from my drawing a day book from 2008 - drawn in early June, in the woods. I can remember I had got to the woods really early and the breeze carried the scent of the honeysuckle, that was climbing a larch near the gate right up through the wood. I always wish I could bottle the scent - just for a little sniff in the middle of winter. My Grandmother once told me that she used to love to ride her bicycle along the lane in the early evening when the air was full of the smell of honeysuckle. 

It seems that it is a bit of a favourite of mine to photograph too - here are three pics I found... the first two are from the woods and the last one from the lane referred to above. 

Honeysuckle 2 ::