Wednesday, 11 May 2016

J is for...

Jay! I didn't manage to see a Jay during April so it didn't feature in my 'Alice's April Aviary' challenge. However it is a woodland bird and so here it is. Apparently they can pick up several acorns (which they love) at once and store them in a secret pouch under the throat- and one in their bill that they take and stash away to feast on in the winter and spring. 

Jay ::

I saw one at the weekend. In a cherry tree in a garden. Also in the tree was a Magpie... and a large Cat. Right up in the canopy, level with the bedroom windows. Much excitement for a Saturday morning. 

The blue feathers are really amazing on a Jay - I found it very hard to get the right shade for this drawing and plan to have another go - below is a feather I found in the wood last summer.