Thursday, 12 May 2016

K is for...

King Alfred's Cake/s - a fungus commonly found on dead Ash trees/ branches - apparently also occasionally on Beech or Elder but I haven't seen this yet myself. 

Allegedly King Alfred was left in charge of taking some cakes out of an oven and forgot - burnt buns remained and these resemble just that. 

Also known as Cramp ball fungus - carrying one will apparently prevent cramp - I've not tried it. 

It is also referred to as Coal fungus - when dry you can use a fire steel to light these and they become a hot coal, that you can then use to light a bigger fire. I have done that, and they do indeed get exceptionally hot, and glow red. 

Latin name is Daldinia concentrica -if you break one you will see the concentric circle pattern inside - or you might be able to see it when you break it off the log.