Friday, 13 May 2016

L is for...

Larch! Another favourite of mine. I like the way it puts a golden carpet down in the woods for us to walk on in the Autumn, and then around Easter produces such a good green with it's new needles to show that all is well in the world and spring is really here. 

I've drawn Larch quite a lot over the years - I know I have a black and white sketch of a twig with cones on in an old sketchbook and a coloured version with the amazing flowers too. Below are some more recent pictures - the first two done specifically for the #WoodlandAlphabet.

A larch cone featured on one of my Christmas Card designs, and this little one was a one off, hand painted and hand lettered.

The below was done at Easter - I tried to draw as many twigs as I could - each about 6" long, with buds and then coming into leaf. It's all gone crazy green now so there are some I'll have to catch up with next year. 

Larch study ::

Larch flowers 2015 ::

Larch flowers 2016 ::