Saturday, 21 May 2016

T is for...


I thought a Treecreeper might make it into #AlicesAprilAviary but I didn't see one until the 30th April -the same day I saw the Dipper. As it was only the second Dipper I'd ever seen, that made the cut for #AlicesAprilAviary, and the poor TC missed out. 

I saw at least 4 more species I hadn't drawn for that challenge that day, but decided not to draw them all but save them for another day, another project. 

The Treecreeper came very close to being drawn however, as when I saw him (on the 30th April), he flew from the Oak tree I was sitting under, over to a Poplar. I excitedly pointed it out to Dad who was gardening near me, and he said (without looking up) 'I know- it's just dropped a worm on your arm'... sure enough, there was a worm on my sleeve that the TC had just dropped just before I caught sight of him.

I used to see one almost every week in one of the woods I used to work in regularly, it'd go up the larch trees-starting low on the trunks and working it's way upwards.

So, I'm pleased to be able to add the #Treecreeper to the #WoodlandAlphabet