Monday, 5 September 2016


Sorry for the silence here on the blog - I've been having a lovely little holiday! I continued to draw however, but couldn't upload due to lack of signal - which was quite nice to not being able to think about it. 

I'm back now however and have been working away on ... brace yourself... Christmas printing. My Christmas cards are currently at the printers and I have everything crossed that they will come out just as I hope. Now might be a good moment to sign up for my newsletter (link somewhere on the left there...). 

But before we go Christmas crazy - would you look at the Autumn colours that have crept into the palette all about us.. as demonstrated by my good friends; Hawthorn, Blackthorn, the Blackberries, Beech masts and cases and conkers.

I don't really have a favourite season... but do have a soft spot for Autumn... :: Blackthorn :: Blackberries :: Beech mast :: Conker