Monday, 9 January 2017

Recent commissions...

Well, where has the time gone?!

In December I did quite a few different commissions and projects - some I can't show yet, but it's time to have a look at a couple of them!

First up was a present for a very special little girl;

name illustration by Alice Draws The Line

I have decided to offer this as a listing in my shop; have a look here!

This is a commission that I did at the end of last year, for a bride who asked me to draw three flowers in her wedding bouquet as a gift for her mum as a thank you present. I think this is such a lovely idea - I really enjoyed doing it. 

Wedding Bouquet drawing by Alice Draws The Line

First I did a rough sketch to send to the client before going ahead with the final illustration

Wedding Bouquet sketch by Alice Draws The Line

I've also added this as an option to my shop - it doesn't have to be wedding bouquet flowers, it could be a favourite or a few favourites! Have a look at the listing here