Friday, 11 August 2017

A couple of new card designs!

As well as the calendar now being in the shop, I've also added a couple of new card designs. 

The first uses the collection of botanical studies I did of a Peony a couple of weeks ago. They are now all together in a Peony bouquet;

Peony bouquet by Alice Draws The Line

This is blank inside and perfect as a birthday card, wedding card, engagement, Christening - pretty much whatever you make it! You can find this card in the shop here: Peony Card You can also buy at as one of four Flower themed cards here: Flower Collection
This also has the potential to be adapted for Wedding Stationery - just contact me if you are interested in this option.

The second is a perfect party one - the Party Puffins. This is also blank inside but with it's party feel it could be used for a party invite, a party thank you or acceptance, a birthday card or wedding card or any other celebration.

Party Puffins by Alice Draws The Line

You can find the Party Puffins card here