Friday, 22 September 2017

A couple more mug designs

I have recently designed two more mugs, first up is the River Mug;

River Mug by Alice Draws The Line

Inspired by the River Severn which runs through Shrewsbury, as I frequently walk along it's banks (often on the way back from the post office). You can find the River Mug by clicking here

The other design started as a 'Mere Mug' inspired by the mere's in Shropshire - Colemere and Ellesmere in particular. I've now renamed it 'Ducks and Friends', you can find it by clicking here

Ducks and Friends Mug by Alice Draws The Line

Both of these designs are available both in Enamel and China. For more picture and a list of species that feature on the mug, please see the links to the shop.