Sunday, 30 December 2018

Festive times

A festive study from just before Christmas - I confess I like to draw sprouts more than I like to eat them. I make sure I buy some each year, and it always feels like it's definitely nearly Christmas when that job has been done. Here I drew the sprout quickly and then turned it a bit and drew again until I'd turned it 360 degrees on it's base. 
Fast but accurate studies are one of my favourites - something this drawing reminded me. I plan to do more of these next year.

I'm having a little break from Alice Draws The Line, my studio and house this Christmas and have gathered a collection of bits with me that I have to inspire me. The above shows some of these - first up, the Miss Potter film. I will sometimes put this DVD on in the background for a bit of inspiration. I love the scenery, the colours, the story and Beatrix Potter is a bit of a hero of mine. Next up is Quentin Blake. This greeting card I put in a frame years ago and I walk past it daily. I love the use of the ink and the colours in the watercolour wash and find the two ladies chatting while walking in the rain, under a shared umberella wonderfully normal.
On the table is my current sketchbook and pen and waterbrush (portable water and brush), as well as my notebook and biro for ideas and lists (I love a list). 
I also have the current Simple Things magazine and the In The Moment magazine to peruse - hopefully on the sofa, by the woodburner. The Earl Grey is an essential accompaniment to them all - in fact I'm off to make a brew now.