Thursday, 7 March 2019

Mother's day prints

It's been a while since I've written on here - and it's because the app on my phone doesn't seem to be talking to the blog! Normally I upload the photos for the blog posts quickly on my mobile and then do the writing and editing on the computer. 

So - it's just a longer (and therefore a bit off putting!) process to do it all on the computer but here goes. 

I've recently had more prints made, three of which I think would make lovely Mother's Day gifts (end of this month!). 

Sweet Peas A5 Art Print by Alice Draws The LineDaffodils A5 Art Print by Alice Draws The LineLots of Love A5 Art Print by Alice Draws The Line

These three are all A5 in size and printed on recycled card. They don't have a specific Mother's Day message and so can be used for anyone, and at any occasion. You can find them all, and all the other prints by clicking this link which will take you through to the online shop.