2022 Wall Calendar planning – Alice Draws The Line

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2022 Wall Calendar planning

Back in January 2020 I had an idea for my 2022 wall calendar. I'd like to do one that lends itself to a landscape format, and so I was thinking about what I could draw that works that way on the page. 
In January I set to work. On one cold, damp day I paused on my work and started collecting bits around me. It felt very much like I was back at Forest School!
2022 Wall Calendar planning by Alice Draws the Line
Fallen bits of birch were still flexible enough to make a wreath shape. I then added fallen chestnut and oak leaves and then added in bracken that was in abundance, and grasses and reeds, as well as alder cones and lichen and chestnut casings all found nearby.
By using both sides of the wreath I was able to create something that, when drawn would be in landscape format. 
I took it back to the studio and did exactly that! 
More updates soon.