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A word from Alice - studio stories from Alice Draws the Line

  • Sketching in a canoe

    Last Friday it was my birthday! To celebrate we hired a canoe and went down the River Wye from Glasbury to Whitney. 
    We took lots of snacks, and the spaniel and it was a lovely stretch of river. The wind was with us so it was very easy going. So easy that I managed to fit in two quick sketches.
  • Speedy Sketches at Malvern Spring Show

    I had a great time visiting the RHS Malvern Spring Show on the 8th May. My cousin and I had a great day, and at the end of it we sat at a picnic table and had a cup of tea and a pastry and I got my sketchbook out. We were sat out of the way but near a walkway that led to one of the gates.
  • Drawing Flowers with the art class

    Everyone bought some blooms with them to the art class and we each chose one or two to study. I drew a Magnolia bloom and the group watched as I did it and I explained what I was looking at and thinking about as I drew while they asked any questions - before having a go themselves.
  • Sketch Across the World 2022 - Park Wood

    This year I joined Kath (The Walking Sketchbook) for a sketch adventure in Park Wood, at Hergest Croft Gardens. It's not too far from the studio which is great. 

    It was lovely sat on a log drawing the bluebells with all the bright green beech leaves - and then a cuckoo called from the ridge - and continued to call as we drew and had lunch in the woods.

  • Sketch Across the World 2021 - the Elan Valley part 2

    For our Sketch Across the World 2021 creative adventure, we went to the Elan Valley. After sketching on the mountain road in the morning, Kath (The Walking Sketchbook) and I relocated to the river for the afternoon.
  • Sketch Across the World 2021- the Elan Valley part1

    I have just discovered this blog post saved, unpublished from last year's (2021) Sketch Across the World adventure with Kath - @TheWalkingSketchbook
    We went to the Elan Valley for a day of sketching. First up onto the mountain road which is where these are from.
  • Bluebells and Cow Parsley

    I spotted my first bluebell of the year a couple of weeks ago. Six days ago I returned to see how they were getting on and there were many more appearing.

    This morning I went to find them before opening up the studio. 

    There is a carpet of blue now! 

    I paused for a minute and did some quick studies in the A6 sketchbook I'd put in my coat pocket.

  • A day at the beach

    Last week I had a day at the beach with my cousin. Despite heavy drizzle when we left Herefordshire we had a dry day at the coast, with a bit of sunshine for an added bonus!

    We picnicked at Borth beach - and I sketched

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