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A word from Alice - studio stories from Alice Draws the Line

  • Going big and not going home...

    I have a confession. 

    I get quite self conscious. Generally. But also when drawing, especially out and about. My default is often a tiny sketchbook and pen, mainly for convenience as it fits easily into a pocket and is discrete... but also because it is inconspicuous.

    However, I love drawing outside. I like trying to draw people as they go about their business, I like capturing scenes, I enjoy the challenge of drawing quickly and using free and lively lines. I also like the idea of working big. 

  • Black Friday alternative

    Last November, instead of participating in a Black Friday sale, I made a selection of artwork using predominantly black ink. These I launched for sale on the Black Friday weekend. 

    I really enjoyed this and so am planning to do the same this year. 

    Last week, one of my very good friends donated me some old art materials that they no longer require. Included in the selection was a pot of ink. Coincidentally I was also donated some huge sheets of paper last week by someone local to the studio.

    On Friday I set about experimenting with them both. 

  • Out Work

    On Saturday I went for a walk to the woods with my young nephews. We had a snack while sitting on a fallen branch and then collected some fallen treasures on our way back.

    Once back, my 5 (and three quarters) year old nephew arranged our treasures on a little table in the garden - 

    We then drew it, side by side at the little table in the garden. He on a large piece of paper and a pencil selected from my tin, and I in my sketchbook with the graphite stick.


  • Modern Calligraphy workshops

    I have had such an enjoyable time running beginner's modern calligraphy workshops at my studio recently. 
    This one was for a bride and her maid of honour - the workshop ran as usual and we thought about place names, table names and other ideas that they had for the wedding.
  • Sketching in the rain

    Last Saturday, my friend Kath and I went on a wet weather sketching adventure. 

    It was so wet that we wore full waterproofs and both were armed with a large umbrella each.

    I found a couple of different positions to draw from, this one (below) being the first. A forked branch above me made the perfect place to hang my umbrella and I was able to sit underneath it in the dry. I had a seating mat with me as I didn't trust how waterproof my trousers were, plus it provides a bit of comfort.

  • A golden hour sketching… and jogging adventure!

    I am not a jogger. I like the idea of it however, and have tried to go for a few runs this year. While on holiday, it was a beautiful evening, Louise went for a run, and so I went for a run... with a difference!
    I packed some sketching kit in a brilliant art bum bag that my neighbour gave me recently to see if I could make use of it.
    I took my small watercolour set, an A6 sketchbook, my new graphite stick, a water brush and some other pens and bits and pieces (just in case!).
    It was such a beautiful evening and the sun broke through the cloud for the most spectacular golden hour while we were out. I stopped at a wooden gate - the perfect width to balance my sketchbook and paints on.
  • Sketching a view or two…

    I was thrilled to find a beautiful book all about the Welsh artist Kyffin Williams at our B&B when I went to stay near Aberystwyth last week. His oil paintings are excellent, but my favourites were his drawing - some preliminary studies for oil paintings that followed.

    Lots were drawn in graphite and watercolour and I loved them. It inspired me to hunt out art supplies in the town and try and do some of my own landscape pictures

  • Vitamin Sea…

    Last week I went to the sea for three days with my good friend. We had a lovely relaxing and creative time. It was really lovely to draw these on location, soaking up the sea air and nattering away as I drew.
  • 2022 Wall Calendar planning

    Back in January 2020 I had an idea for my 2022 wall calendar. I'd like to do one that lends itself to a landscape format, and so I was thinking about what I could draw that works that way on the page. 
    In January I set to work. On one cold, damp day I paused on my work and started collecting bits around me. It felt very much like I was back at Forest School!
  • A Lap of the Globe...

    Fifteen years ago, one of my best friends and I did a whistle stop lap of the globe. We were only gone for three months - June until August in 2006. When we returned we went back to work just as if it had been any other holiday. 
    I carried a sketchbook around in my bag for the entire trip. I'm sad to say that I hadn't started my daily drawing project / habit then and so I didn't do nearly as many drawings as I wish I had done. 
  • Dandelions

    Dandelions have really caught my eye this year. I have found I have drawn them a lot recently. 
    Here are some that I drew using procreate on the iPad (something I'm still getting used to).
    From here, and something I was reading about Courage, this character appeared! Dandy, the Lion. 
  • Nature notes from May

    It has been raining a lot here recently - and the woods are looking all the more lush for it. 

    These were all taken last Saturday on a trip to Mortimer's Forest just outside Ludlow. There was rain... but there was also some sunshine after -which was really well received as it began the process of drying out the waterproofs!