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A word from Alice - studio stories from Alice Draws the Line

  • 2022 Wall Calendar planning

    Back in January 2020 I had an idea for my 2022 wall calendar. I'd like to do one that lends itself to a landscape format, and so I was thinking about what I could draw that works that way on the page. 
    In January I set to work. On one cold, damp day I paused on my work and started collecting bits around me. It felt very much like I was back at Forest School!
  • A Lap of the Globe...

    Fifteen years ago, one of my best friends and I did a whistle stop lap of the globe. We were only gone for three months - June until August in 2006. When we returned we went back to work just as if it had been any other holiday. 
    I carried a sketchbook around in my bag for the entire trip. I'm sad to say that I hadn't started my daily drawing project / habit then and so I didn't do nearly as many drawings as I wish I had done. 
  • Dandelions

    Dandelions have really caught my eye this year. I have found I have drawn them a lot recently. 
    Here are some that I drew using procreate on the iPad (something I'm still getting used to).
    From here, and something I was reading about Courage, this character appeared! Dandy, the Lion. 
  • Nature notes from May

    It has been raining a lot here recently - and the woods are looking all the more lush for it. 

    These were all taken last Saturday on a trip to Mortimer's Forest just outside Ludlow. There was rain... but there was also some sunshine after -which was really well received as it began the process of drying out the waterproofs!

  • A birthday day out!

    Last week I had a lovely day out to celebrate my birthday. We went to Hergest Croft - which is a garden and woodland that is fairly local to the st...
  • Sketching in a field

    The other day I went for a walk from the studio. I popped my A6 sketchbook, pen and watercolours in the pocket of my dungarees (-the fact that these fit in here is an exciting new discovery!) and took some tea too. There is something wonderful about working outdoors. I often fool myself into thinking that I need more kit or more time than I do - my favourite results are often created using a small piece of paper and just a pen and drawn quickly - no fretting or over stressing the situation. 
  • Nature notes

    This week spring seems to have gone into overdrive! The leaves are bursting everywhere, with each species displaying it’s own special green. 

    Here are a selection I spotted on a walk recently. The sky isn’t quite so blue as I’m writing this, but the rain is much needed!

  • How I draw... a dandelion

    Drawing is so instinctive for me now that I just do it. 

    However, when someone else watches me draw and comments on the process of how a drawing is created it makes me almost zoom out and think about how I’m constructing the picture and what I’m looking at and when. 

    So this week I’ve tried something new. I sat down to do my daily drawing but this time, I filmed it in real time and talked as I drew, in an attempt to explain what I’m doing and where I’m looking as I go.

  • Noticing nature - this week’s sightings

    I thought I’d keep up the idea of sharing some of the photos I’ve taken while on my walks.

    Time has whizzed and these were all actually taken last week -

  • Woodland walks

    When I'm out, I have squirrel-like eyes that constantly search for treasures. Natural treasures - wind-blown or knocked down and ready to be collected. I try not to pick anything unless there really is a plentiful supply - the grasses I studies last summer for example - there were so many of each sort that I was happy to take one of each back to the studio to draw. Usually though it's fallen treasure - which somehow makes it more exciting. These were some wind-blown bits of larch I found a couple of weeks back - a perfect little posy in my eyes! They came back with me and I drew them that afternoon. 
  • Spring time sketching

    I had a really lovely moment during the Easter weekend, where I was able to visit my parents and sit in their garden. 

    I collected some spring time blooms from their garden and sat at the garden table with my sketchbook, in the sun and drew them - just like old times.

    It made me remember just how much I love to do this - see something, collect it (where possible) and sit and study it with my pen and paints. 

  • Signs of Spring

    There have been so many lovely sightings on my walks near the studio recently. I often share these on my Instagram stories but I enjoy them so much...