The Artists’ Gallery a gallery run by Artists, Ludlow Farmshop, Ludlow – Alice Draws The Line

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The Artists’ Gallery

Something new for 2024!

I’m really thrilled to have joined The Artists’ Gallery, a cooperative forming a gallery run by artists, at the Ludlow Farmshop site at Bromfield, Ludlow. 


I’ve been here for 5 months now and feel like I’ve settled in! 

There are 8 of us that are members of the team and we all work in different ways and take it in turns to be on duty in the gallery - so whenever you visit you will meet one of us! In addition to the 8 members, we have two visiting artists per month and so the work is always changing. 

The gallery is situated on the Ludlow Farmshop site at Bromfield, just off the A49 on the north side of Ludlow. Postcode SY82JR.

To find out more about the gallery, you can visit the website by clicking here