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A word from Alice - studio stories from Alice Draws the Line

  • The Hellebores

    I did three studies, three separate stems, and cut each of these out. Here they are in the garden - it was useful to look at them in pure natural light against other ones, to check my colours and scale. 
  • Brush lettering commission

    I had the pleasure of creating a really enjoyable piece of brush lettering recently. A customer approached me with some words that they wanted written out to sit alongside two other artworks on a wall in their home. 

    They bought the other artworks to the studio so we could look at the pieces and the colours used and to work out how this piece - a poem, could sit with them. 

    We decided to pick out a blue and the grey that had been used in the other pieces and I mixed the colours throughout all the lettering.

    The piece related to the seaside and so these colours worked really well. Here are some extracts from it. 

  • Spring seasonal studies

    I had a panicked thought -that I hadn't done any seasonal sketches recently. I had sketched a view and day to day items, things in the house, pot plants and still life type compositions and not my favourites - things growing at this time of year.
    And then I looked through my camera roll and on my iPad. Here are 5 studies I have done recently.
  • Chickens Galore!

    Do you remember I had a lovely weekend away at Logfire Holidays last year? and that while there I drew and drew and drew their chickens?!

    Well, they have made an appearance in the greeting card range! Here they are!

    Perfect for Easter or for any time! You can buy them here.

  • A Robin for company

    At the start of the year I met up with my friend Kath (The Walking Sketchbook) to sketch outdoors. We had the brilliant idea to put another date in the diary to make sure we made it a regular thing. 

    This week we met up again. I was lucky enough to meet Kath’s Robin - a beautiful feathered friend that regularly comes to find her when she is out locally. The Robin likes to sit near Kath when she creates and this time the Robin came to see what I was up to too!

  • Spring things

    This time of year is so exciting. I love spotting signs of spring developing and here are some images from my camera roll this week.
  • Snowdrops - 2023 version

    It's not really a surprise that I have, once again been excited by the snowdrops this year. 

    I've drawn them before - yes. Many, many times. But that doesn't take anything away from them. I still like drawing them. I like looking at them, working out their structure and shapes and colours (yes green and white but the colours and shades within those colours too!).

  • See us Hear us

    I've recently had the pleasure of being involved with the 'See us hear us' project, funded by Historic England and Leominster Roars . This is a project of 'words, poetry and photography of what we love about Leominster'.
    It was brilliantly carried out by Toni Cook who interviewed people, Martha Grubb who captured people's portraits and poetry by Laura Ding-Edwards . My role was to write out some of the quotes using large scale brush lettering 🖌😍✍
    The exhibition is now up in Leominster Library and it is there until the 3rd March.
    A lovely project to be part of.
  • 2022- year in review

    Happy New Year!

    I started this on New Year’s eve - by flicking back through my Instagram account and scribbling down some things that stood out from 2022. 

    I realise I’ve actually blogged about many of them so I won’t go into lots of detail, so this is more of a list of nice things that 2022 entailed. I have done this partly as a reminder of the things I loved so that I make sure I plan them in to 2023.

  • 2023 Wall Calendar

    A chat through the design of my 2023 Wall Calendar
  • Christmas Open Studios - save the date!

    Just a quick one to say ‘save the date!’

    Our Christmas Open Studios trail will be on Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th December 2022 from 10am-3pm.

    Aardvark books will be holding their Christmas Fair on the Sunday too so well worth coming to visit the village!

    There are many artists in the village of Brampton Bryan, but most work quietly behind closed doors. This is an opportunity to visit the studios and do a bit of Christmas shopping. We’ll be making some flyers soon to tell you all about those involved. 

  • Wedding fair

    Hello again! 

    On Saturday I went to a wedding fair held at Ludlow Racecourse. I’d only ever been to one wedding fair before and so I was looking forward to attending and meeting others that were exhibiting.

    I took a selection of wedding stationery examples and cards to demonstrate my illustration style. I also had some of the placecard designs that I’ve done in the past. 

    It was lovely to meet people planning the weddings - those who were just gathering ideas with nothing planned yet, through to those that were just sorting the final details.