A few days in Pembrokeshire – Alice Draws The Line

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A few days in Pembrokeshire

Back in August (2023) I had a lovely few days in Pembrokeshire. I thought I’d share some of the sketches that I did there. 
Alice sketching on the headland near St David’s Pembrokeshire
This was one evening. The others decided to have an evening walk along the headland. I couldn’t resist the lure of the picnic bench and view to set up my watercolour pad and paint the view while they were stretching their legs. 
Headland sketching by Alice Draws the Line near St David’s Pembrokeshire
I painted this A3 piece of the view, with the headlands and the thicket in the foreground. I was painting quite quickly as I wasn’t sure when the others would reappear and we would head back to the holiday cottage for food. 
Sketching on the headland by Alice Draws the Line, near St David’s Pembrokeshire
It was lovely sitting there in the evening sun, unintentionally overhearing snippets of fellow holiday makers conversation and enjoying the sound of the sea below me. 
It reminded me how much I love a hedgerow and the species that grow there - bracken, grasses, nettle, brambles, rosehips…
Headland sketches by Alice Draws the Line, near St David’s, Pembrokeshire
I left the big one to dry and got the coloured pencils out and did another sketch, this time in an A5 sketchbook. I was enjoying drawing the cliffs in this one.