Beach days - sketching the surf school at Whitesands Bay, St David’s – Alice Draws The Line

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Beach days

A few more sketches from Pembrokeshire - and the lesser spotted sand seal! I saw a photo of a sand seal like this in a magazine and thought it was wonderfully achievable and so my friend and her children made one while we were at the beach one day.

Sand seal on a Pembrokeshire beach

I challenged myself to do some speedy surfer sketches! There was a surf school and they were going through the different poses needed for surfing. 

Sketching the surfers at surf school by Alice Draws the Line, Whitesands beach, St David’s, Pembrokeshire

They didn’t stay still for any length of time and so working quickly was essential!

Surf school at Whitesands Bay, St David’s, Pembrokeshire, sketches by Alice Draws the Line

I loved the opportunity to use my neon colours (children’s ones which are fab!) and they worked well in contrast to the black ink I used for the wetsuits.

Sketching the surf school at Whitesands Bay in St David’s in Pembrokeshire by Alice Draws the Line