Spring seasonal studies – Alice Draws The Line

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Spring seasonal studies

I had a panicked thought -that I hadn't done any seasonal sketches recently. I had sketched a view and day to day items, things in the house, pot plants and still life type compositions and not my favourites - things growing at this time of year.
And then I looked through my camera roll and on my iPad. Here are 5 studies I have done recently.
Forsythia illustration by Alice Draws the Line
First up is the Forsythia - just coming into bloom. I have drawn this one on the iPad. 
I also found some larch flowers last week - an absolute favourite. I drew these on the iPad too. I wanted to do a time-lapse video of the drawing but it's a bit blurry so I'll look at the settings and try again with another!
Then the following three sketches I did in my sketchbook recently -the Elder leaves emerging...
Drawing Elder leaves emerging by Alice Draws the Line
The witch hazel - this I became fascinated with and will try and draw again more clearly, as I started to understand the design of the plant for the first time.
witch hazel studies by Alice Draws the Line
And finally, another sketch of the hazel catkins, before they dry and go again for another year.
Hazel catkins by Alice Draws the Line