Holiday cottage views – Alice Draws The Line

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Holiday cottage views

Golden Hour holiday cottage views near St David’s in Pembrokeshire by Alice Draws the line
Our holiday cottage had decking in the garden with a lovely big table where you could take in the views and plenty of space for a sketchbook!
This was a graphite sketch during the golden hour on one of the first evenings.
Sketching the view from the holiday cottage by Alice Draws the Line
I confess - I love watching paint dry - especially on holiday with a gin and tonic in hand!
Watercolour study of the holiday cottage view towards St David’s in Pembrokeshire by Alice Draws the Line
The finished study, A3 in size, on watercolour paper (above).
Ink sketch of the view by Alice Draws the Line, towards St David’s, Pembrokeshire
Another quick study of part of that view, in just ink in an A5 sketchbook.