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A word from Alice - studio stories from Alice Draws the Line

  • Spring seasonal studies

    I had a panicked thought -that I hadn't done any seasonal sketches recently. I had sketched a view and day to day items, things in the house, pot plants and still life type compositions and not my favourites - things growing at this time of year.
    And then I looked through my camera roll and on my iPad. Here are 5 studies I have done recently.
  • Spring things

    This time of year is so exciting. I love spotting signs of spring developing and here are some images from my camera roll this week.
  • Spring time sketching

    I had a really lovely moment during the Easter weekend, where I was able to visit my parents and sit in their garden. 

    I collected some spring time blooms from their garden and sat at the garden table with my sketchbook, in the sun and drew them - just like old times.

    It made me remember just how much I love to do this - see something, collect it (where possible) and sit and study it with my pen and paints. 

  • Signs of Spring

    There have been so many lovely sightings on my walks near the studio recently. I often share these on my Instagram stories but I enjoy them so much...
  • To the woods

    When the first wave of lock-down restrictions lifted here in the UK, I stopped in a lay-by at the edge of a woodland. I had to pick something up ...