Spring time sketching – Alice Draws The Line

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Spring time sketching

I had a really lovely moment during the Easter weekend, where I was able to visit my parents and sit in their garden. 

I collected some spring time blooms from their garden and sat at the garden table with my sketchbook, in the sun and drew them - just like old times.

It made me remember just how much I love to do this - see something, collect it (where possible) and sit and study it with my pen and paints. 

The fact there was a bit of sunshine, a mug of tea and some cake all added to it - not to mention the fact I was able to catch up with my parents at the same time. 

First up we have the Forsythia - a yellow that just says ‘Easter’ to me!

Forsythia illustration by Alice Draws the Line, botanical illustration

Next up we have another brilliant colour in the flowering current - again another Easter flower for me - when I was younger we used to collect flowers from my Grandmother’s garden to help decorate the church for Easter. This represented the Easter holidays, being in Shropshire and knowing the garden so well and where to get which sprig of what to do the job well.

Flowering current by Alice Draws the Line

Finally we have the Grape Hyacinth - I love this colour, I feel like it is prepping us for the arrival of the Bluebells in a few weeks time! Lovely in their own right of course and brighten everywhere brilliantly - there’s some just in front of the studio  which make me smile.

Grape Hyacinth illustration by Alice Draws the Line, botanical illustration

The hedges are really blossoming and filling with leaves now and I’m looking forward to going out this afternoon and collect some more treasures to draw.