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A word from Alice - studio stories from Alice Draws the Line

  • Nature notes from May

    It has been raining a lot here recently - and the woods are looking all the more lush for it. 

    These were all taken last Saturday on a trip to Mortimer's Forest just outside Ludlow. There was rain... but there was also some sunshine after -which was really well received as it began the process of drying out the waterproofs!

  • Nature notes

    This week spring seems to have gone into overdrive! The leaves are bursting everywhere, with each species displaying it’s own special green. 

    Here are a selection I spotted on a walk recently. The sky isn’t quite so blue as I’m writing this, but the rain is much needed!

  • Noticing nature - this week’s sightings

    I thought I’d keep up the idea of sharing some of the photos I’ve taken while on my walks.

    Time has whizzed and these were all actually taken last week -

  • Signs of Spring

    There have been so many lovely sightings on my walks near the studio recently. I often share these on my Instagram stories but I enjoy them so much...
  • March meet the maker, part 1

    #MarchMeetTheMaker is an excellent project set up by Joanne Hawker, a creative who lives in Somerset. Each March she shares prompts for fellow make...
  • To the woods

    When the first wave of lock-down restrictions lifted here in the UK, I stopped in a lay-by at the edge of a woodland. I had to pick something up ...