Nature notes from May – Alice Draws The Line

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Nature notes from May

It has been raining a lot here recently - and the woods are looking all the more lush for it. 

These were all taken last Saturday on a trip to Mortimer's Forest just outside Ludlow. There was rain... but there was also some sunshine after -which was really well received as it began the process of drying out the waterproofs!

I met my sister and nephews there and, as is customary for their walks, we paused mid way for refreshments - coffee and biscuits for the grown ups this week.

So, first up - we have the bracken unfurling...

Bracken unfurling by Alice Draws the Line May 2021

And a bit more bracken - I find it magical how it is all rolled up, and literally unfurls as spring progresses. I love this half way stage and so am taking great pleasure in filling my camera roll with the images before they have opened up completely.

Bracken unfurling by Alice Draws the Line part two

Yes, more bluebells - because they won't be around for much longer so I continue to drink them in! I like how you can just spot a hint of purple in the bracken pictures above, and below we have a sea of them.

Bluebells in May by Alice Draws the Line

This is a recently felled section, but the sun now reaches the ground and these ferns are making the most of it, enjoying the warmth, and - like the bracken are slowly unfurling. 

Fern frond unfurling by Alice Draws the Line

We timed our snack stop with... the rain! So moved from the bench to the foot of the conifers and lent against their trucks. Possibly even nicer that way! This is the beech leaves enamel mug design, which you can find in the shop here.

Stop for coffee in the woods, Enamel Beech Leaves mug by Alice Draws the Line

Yes, you guessed it, more ferns unfurling - a perfect spiral. I think they look like a little green lollipop at this stage and then love how they stretch out and lift their heads up.

Fern fronds and bluebells by Alice Draws the Line

And finally, revisiting the Larch - now with almost fully grown needles (leaves) and the cones taking shape and are an amazing sort of maroon hue.

Larch cones by Alice Draws the Line

 And that's all for now! I often share pictures from the forest over on Instagram too if you fancy following along there.