Nature notes – Alice Draws The Line

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Nature notes

This week spring seems to have gone into overdrive! The leaves are bursting everywhere, with each species displaying it’s own special green. 

Here are a selection I spotted on a walk recently. The sky isn’t quite so blue as I’m writing this, but the rain is much needed!

New oak leaves by Alice Draws The Line

First we have the Oak - such a distinctive colour that new Oak leaves have.

New Beech Leaves by Alice Draws the Line

Next we have the Beech leaves - I love how they present themselves - perfectly folded as if almost corrugated, and furry around the edges - so different to their shiny strong leaves later in the year.

New Birch leaves by Alice Draws The Line

The Birch is covered in tiny bright green leaves - so many and contrasting with the drying catkins from earlier in the year.

New Lime leaves by Alice Draws the Line

The Lime - not as many leaves as yet, but some are opening. The rest are bulging in shiny pink-red buds.

New Sycamore leaves and flowers by Alice Draws The Line

They Sycamore and their flowers are putting on a brilliant display! And it’s not just the trees that are looking wonderful...

Spring bracken by Alice Draws the Line

The bracken is pushing on up, I've noticed a lot more in the last week.

Ferns unfurling by Alice Draws The Line

More ferns are unfurling - I love the scale here of the tiny fern, the same height as grass and bluebell leaves against the tall conifers in the background.

Bluebells in bloom by Alice Draws the Line

Bluebells are really doing their thing now - it's hard not to just keep taking photos of them!