OutWork collecting treasures & creating artwork outside with my nephew – Alice Draws The Line

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Out Work

On Saturday I went for a walk to the woods with my young nephews. We had a snack while sitting on a fallen branch and then collected some fallen treasures on our way back.
Collected treasures by Alice Draws the Line
Once back, my 5 (and three quarters) year old nephew arranged our treasures on a little table in the garden - 
Collected treasures arranged ready for drawing
We then drew it, side by side at the little table in the garden. He on a large piece of paper and a pencil selected from my tin, and I in my sketchbook with the graphite stick.
My nephew and I drawing together at the garden table by Alice Draws the Line
Our drawings
Our drawings, my nephew and mine with our collected treasures on the garden table by Alice Draws the Line
While we were drawing my nephew announced that we had created some 'Out Work', ...'not Art work Aunty Alice, Out Work because it's outdoor things and we are outdoors'. 
He labelled his picture accordingly. 
OutWork by my nephew, art work drawn outside with Alice Draws the Line