Sketching outside with a HUGE piece of paper – Alice Draws The Line

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Sketching outside with a HUGE piece of paper

As regular readers will know, I seem to have an interest in experimenting with working at a larger scale.

Last week I took a big piece of paper out into the parkland near the studio and sketched using one of my homemade feather quills. (You can read my blog post about how to make one here!)

Alice Savery sketching outside on a huge piece of paper Alice Draws the Line

It was great fun, and useful - I really need to have something under the paper - I used a bit of board and a large sketchbook to fill most of the space and it wasn't really an issue with this sketch. It is also challenging to transport back to the studio - drying time needs to be accounted for as it can't be rolled while wet, and was just too big and prone to folding carrying as it was!

 Large scale sketching by Alice Draws the Line

It was also quite a challenge to find a comfortable position to draw in on the floor - I moved about a lot! I did a little time-lapse video of me as I worked which you can watch here!

I also made a little video of the drawing as it came together - working with my feather quill which you can see in this video