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A word from Alice - studio stories from Alice Draws the Line

  • Hands at work

    Prompt: Hands at work I thought I might show you the behind the scenes prep from the other day for my #moderncalligraphy workshop at the studio. Yo...
  • Best decision

    Prompt: Best decision This first picture is of one of my sketchbooks that I kept at university - nothing to do with my degree as I studied Early Ch...
  • Three things...

    Prompt: Three things I chose this photograph which was my ‘inspiration station’ when Andrea came to do a photoshoot at the studio back in 2020. Thr...
  • Planning

    Prompt: Planning Although it's a sketchbook on my lap here, it's interchangeable with my notebook and diary. Between the three is how I plan.Often ...
  • March Meet the Maker 2022 - Me and My Work

    March Meet the Maker is a great challenge set up by Joanne Hawker. It is a month of Instagram prompts to help makers share about themselves and the...
  • Brush Lettering for the Oriel Davies Gallery preparation work

    Yesterday I delivered eight poems to the Oriel Davies Gallery in Newtown, that I had written out in Brush Lettering.

    I thought it might be of interest to talk through my process from the start to this point of this project as there has been so much that I have learnt.

    Kate Morgan-Clare at the gallery approached me to ask if this was a project that I would be interested in before Christmas. They wanted eight poems written out to honour and elevate them as a celebration of their creation. The poems had been written by participants that took part in creative writing workshops with Emma Beynon - a writer and creative facilitator and Oriel Davies. The workshops explored a sense of place and that is what the exhibition of these poems is called. It will be running from the 5th to the 26th February 2022.

    In early January I visited Kate at the gallery to discuss the project fully and to look at the space. 

  • It started with a New Year's Resolution...

    'It started with a New Year's resolution...'

    Someone asked me how Alice Draws the Line began recently and this was my response. And it's true, in 2008 I made a New Year's resolution to do a drawing a day in a sketchbook. I missed a few days but I did it, a directly observed sketch for the year.

  • Woodland walks

    When I'm out, I have squirrel-like eyes that constantly search for treasures. Natural treasures - wind-blown or knocked down and ready to be collected. I try not to pick anything unless there really is a plentiful supply - the grasses I studies last summer for example - there were so many of each sort that I was happy to take one of each back to the studio to draw. Usually though it's fallen treasure - which somehow makes it more exciting. These were some wind-blown bits of larch I found a couple of weeks back - a perfect little posy in my eyes! They came back with me and I drew them that afternoon. 
  • March Meet the Maker - part 4

    I've been really enjoying working through these prompts - it's a nice exercise to encourage reflection and time to ponder what each one means to me.

    So this week I'm covering the following prompts - 

    - Silver Linings

    - Hands on

    - Job/s

    - Wrapped and packaged

    - Starting point

  • March Meet the Maker - part 3

    - From the archives

    Just recently I've had a lovely time looking back through old sketchbooks. Here are some pages from the sketchbook I used during my Art Foundation year (2001-2002). Line drawings and black ink were a favourite back then too, but at the time I was doing more mixed media illustration and was working towards a large textile piece with all the lines drawn with a sewing machine (freehand embroidery). 

  • March meet the maker - part 2

    Hello! The second March meet the maker blog post. Today I'm going to cover the posts that have happened since I was last here as I haven't been posting on Instagram this year. 

    So, we have 5 prompts today - 

    - Newest make

    - Work in progress

    - Learning curve

    - Small detail

    - Portrait.

    Here we go!

  • March meet the maker, part 1

    #MarchMeetTheMaker is an excellent project set up by Joanne Hawker, a creative who lives in Somerset. Each March she shares prompts for fellow make...