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Three things...

Prompt: Three things

I chose this photograph which was my ‘inspiration station’ when Andrea came to do a photoshoot at the studio back in 2020.

Three things it represents here are;

- Natural finds - the Ivy, the grasses and the wreath - made a few years ago now with Bex from Botanical Tales at Wild Meadow - when I first met Andrea. In fact it was when I made this mini wreath from seasonal species in the meadow that I first thought of the idea for the 2022calendar! After making the mini wreath, I drew it there and then before the species wilted - but it actually dried beautifully over the following months. Anyway, I’ve digressed! I like seasonal natural finds and often collect them to inspire my drawings.

- Hand Lettering is the second thing - there is brush lettering here as well as modern calligraphy using a dip pen on the luggage tag. I’ve loved lettering since I could hold a pen. I find it such a treat to be able to share that love of lettering with others via my workshops (& my digital lovely lettering workshop!).

- The third is the daily drawing - a huge part of me and my brand. Mostly this is done in sketchbooks but here you can see a feather on the left as I have made several quills from found feathers and I love the inky, unpredictable line they create. The top left of the picture shows some feather drawings, done with the feather quill (I have a blog post about making the quill should you be interested - just use the search on my website). The 2020 Seaside calendar you can also see shows more of my daily drawings that made up that calendar.

To break the rules I’ll add a sneaky 4th and 5th thing!

4 - the folded paper shape - this is just to remind me to play with formats and how things can work

5- Bracken prints which I love. I used similar ones for the foiled Christmas cards in 2021

three things by Alice Draws the Line