It started with a New Year’s Resolution-how Alice Draws the Line began – Alice Draws The Line

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It started with a New Year's Resolution...

Alice Savery of Alice Draws the Line


'It started with a New Year's resolution...'

Someone asked me how Alice Draws the Line began recently and this was my response. And it's true, in 2008 I made a New Year's resolution to do a drawing a day in a sketchbook. I missed a few days but I did it, a directly observed sketch for the year.

Some were awful. Some were very late at night and drawn just because I said I would. Some were just of a pencil in my pencil case... but others I'm really proud of. As a collection they take me straight back to where I was when I drew them and what was happening at that time. Who I was with, where I was. What I could hear. What else was happening in my life at that time. An accidental diary through drawing, with no one else knowing those extra details but me.

I had a few years off but thought about the project often. Then in 2013 I did it again. But this time I didn't stop, and haven't done since!(8 years!)

Alice Draws the Line grew from this. My sketches were often seasonal botanical studies and so collections formed in my sketchbooks that then became cards and products.

I adore writing and lettering and hand address everything I post out. This led to the lettering workshops and it's all kept evolving since.

Now it is my full time job, and I have a studio space where I draw, wrap orders, host workshops (and do a lot of admin), making me grin daily like in this photo (not all day everyday obviously but at some point!)😊✍💫

Thanks to Andrea Gilpin Photography for the 📸