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Hands at work

Prompt: Hands at work

I thought I might show you the behind the scenes prep from the other day for my #moderncalligraphy workshop at the studio. You can watch this short video on Instagram by clicking here or below.



A huge reason for my workshops is the idea that I might be able to help start a creative hobby that then continues, stretching on and developing over time. That’s why I include the kit bags to keep with each workshop - so you get to take it away and practice your new skill.

I’m going to be opening my workshops up to 4 people at the studio from Mother’s Day weekend2022 (26th and 27th March), I’ve added some dates to my website if that sounds like something you might like to do. Children over 11 are welcome to attend workshops too (with a grown up).

The workshops are such a mindful way of spending a couple of hours.

See workshops coming up here.

Here is another image of my hands at work - using one of my handmade feather quill pens. You can learn how I made one in this blog post.

 Hands at work by Alice Draws the Line