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A word from Alice - studio stories from Alice Draws the Line

  • Preserving Katie's wedding bouquet

    I had thought about drawing wedding flowers for years. But sat on the idea, uncertain whether it was an idea that people would want. 
    And then, in 2021 I saw this photo of Katie showing her wilted wedding bouquet, which she had taken on honeymoon with them and it galvanised me into action!
  • Flower studies: Sketching in the walled garden at Attingham Park

    Last week I spent the day at Attingham Park (National Trust property, gardens and parkland) near Shrewsbury. Mainly in the Walled Garden which is looking amazing. 
    I've been planning on doing this for ages - visiting to draw the species in bloom at different times of year. Finally, I did it.
  • Drawing Flowers with the art class

    Everyone bought some blooms with them to the art class and we each chose one or two to study. I drew a Magnolia bloom and the group watched as I did it and I explained what I was looking at and thinking about as I drew while they asked any questions - before having a go themselves.
  • How to preserve a wedding bouquet...

    How do I preserve my wedding bouquet?

    ... this seems to be a question that many florists are asked, and that many people google. There are lots of different ways to preserve the beautiful blooms that you have at your wedding. One of these is this way - by having them painted by me!

    I like to preserve wedding bouquets through illustration. Creating a bespoke piece of artwork for your wall.

  • Snowdrop study

    Last week I had a really inspiring phone conversation and afterwards I decided to go for a walk and keep mulling over the goodness as I went. 

    It was bitterly cold but bright and the sun was catching a huge swathe of snowdrops that I passed. 

    Well, I almost managed to pass them, but not before crouching down to photograph them!

  • Preserving Beth’s wedding bouquet as original artwork

    I had the absolute pleasure of drawing Beth’s bouquet for her as a lasting memory of her beautiful bouquet from her wedding day.

    The bouquet was created by Louise at May Rose Floral Design, Hereford. 

    It was a December wedding and the bouquet included wax flowers, roses, olive leaf and ruscus.

  • How I draw... a dandelion

    Drawing is so instinctive for me now that I just do it. 

    However, when someone else watches me draw and comments on the process of how a drawing is created it makes me almost zoom out and think about how I’m constructing the picture and what I’m looking at and when. 

    So this week I’ve tried something new. I sat down to do my daily drawing but this time, I filmed it in real time and talked as I drew, in an attempt to explain what I’m doing and where I’m looking as I go.

  • Springtime Sycamore

    I stood in the lane and grinned last week. I had spotted my first sycamore leaf of the year. In the hedgerow was a great display of sycamore buds through to opened new leaves and flowers. Here are some photographs of some of the stages. Although it was sunny which was encouraging the leaves to open,
  • The Greenhouse drawings

    I took a chair, a cushion, my watercolour paper, paints and some coloured pencils and along with my vase of flowers and an audio book I spent some blissful time sketching away in what felt like a little bubble.