How I draw... a dandelion – Alice Draws The Line

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How I draw... a dandelion

Drawing is so instinctive for me now that I just do it. 

However, when someone else watches me draw and comments on the process of how a drawing is created it makes me almost zoom out and think about how I’m constructing the picture and what I’m looking at and when. 

So this week I’ve tried something new. I sat down to do my daily drawing but this time, I filmed it in real time and talked as I drew, in an attempt to explain what I’m doing and where I’m looking as I go.

It turns out talking and drawing is much harder than I thought - well articulating what I’m doing is harder than I thought - I can happily natter away while sketching normally! 

This video is a first attempt at talking you through a drawing process. I realise watching it back that it would be better to have a close up angle of the paper and the paint and ink, so that might be the follow up if my camera can cope with it!

I’d really like to know if you find this interesting / helpful - do drop me an e-mail and it will help me to work out how to take this idea further!